No. EC MEETING/2012-14                                                                                     Dated: 31-05-2012

Minutes of the  1st Meeting of Executive Committee of KV-II AOA held on 16/05/2012

Secretary AOA invited all the executive Members of KV-II AOA for the 1st meeting on 16/05/2012. Agenda items were circulated separately to the members. List of participants is attached herewith. Shri S.K. Srivastava was granted leave for absence.

At the outset, the President congratulated and welcomed all the Members for the very first meeting of the New Executive Committee.

After that Secretary was requested to take up the agenda items. The details of the decisions taken on various matters are as below.

1. Work Distribution amongst Executive Members:

Secretary had prepared the work distribution amongst all the Executive Members. The matter was discussed in the EC and after some modification, the work distribution was finalized. 

The Secretary also requested all the Departmental Heads to propose the names of the Committee Members of their Departments at the earliest, for putting it up in the next EC meeting for Approval.

2. Payment of Water Charges:

The matter regarding payment of water charges amounting to approx Rs. 28.0 Lakh was discussed. The treasurer informed that there is in-sufficient money in the bank and we may have to either break the FD or to take OD facility from the SBI for approx. Rs. 10.0 Lakh. The EC members authorized the Treasurer to take a decision after discussing with Smt. Krishna Tyagi, Executive Member.

3. Formation of Internal Audit Committee and Legal Committee:

The matter of internal audit of the Accounts of the AOA and various court cases were discussed in the meeting. The Secretary was asked to put up the proposal for formation of Internal Audit committee and Legal Committee in the next EC Meeting.

4. Holding of GBM and Interaction Meeting with residents:

            All the executive members emphatically stressed upon holding of GBM within three months of taking over by the new Body. It was also proposed by the secretary to call an interaction meeting with the honorable members at the earliest and if possible within one month.

                        Both the proposals were approved by the EC.

5. Opening of Suggestion Box:

Mrs. Preeti Verma, Joint Secretary suggested to keep a suggestion box in the Society office, so that any individual may put his/her suggestions in the Suggestion box on the improvement of facilities / services.

                        The proposal was accepted by EC.

6. Problem in DG Set No.7:

Mr. K.K. Rao, raised the point that DG Set No.7 is not working in Auto mode. The problem is due to fault in the Governor Control Card. Though earlier the control card for this DG Set was purchased, but due to the similar problem in DG Set No. 9, this card was utilized in DG Set No. 9. Thus DG Set No. 9 is working with the help of the Governor Control Card of DG Set No. 7. And therefore a Governor Control Card for DG Set No. 9 needs to be purchased so that the DG Set No. 7 is made operational in Auto Mode. He further informed that previous card was purchased for an amount of about Rs. 53.0 thousands and he further proposed that it may again be purchased.

EC approved the proposal for procurement of the Control Card immediately, so that the DG Set No. 7 could be made operational in Auto mode, without further delay.

7. Problem in DG Set No. 2:

Mr. K. K. Rao, informed that the DG Set No. 2 has also developed a severe fault. There has been leakage from the cylinders and it required opening of the DG Set, and it involves heavy expenditure.

EC authorized Mr. Rao to take the quotations for complete work from the authorized representative of the OEM viz. M/s Greaves and put up the complete proposal in the next EC meeting, after its vetting by the purchase committee.

8. Installation of Electric Meter in the Shops and SBI:

Mr. K.K. Rao discussed in details, the necessity for installation of Electric meters in all the Shops and Bank etc. taking essential supply from the Society DG sets.

EC granted in-principle approval for the installation of meters and requested Mr. Rao to prepare detailed proposals along with the DG Supply tariff after discussing the matter with Electrical Sub-Committee members and submit it in the next EC meeting.

9.    All the Departmental Heads were also requested to thoroughly look into the various contracts pertaining to their departments. And if needed, fresh tenders may be called for better service to the residents of the society. 

Thereafter, meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair.




List of Participant in the 1st Executive Committee Meeting of KV-II AOA Held on 16-05-12

Sl. No.


Post Held


Sh. Om Prakash



Sh. S.C. Sachdeva

Vice President


Sh. D.P. Singh



Sh. Nagendra Singh



Ms. Preeti Verma

Joint Secretary


Sh. V. Giridharan

Executive Member


Sh. V. Srinivasan

Executive Member


Sh. Anand Singh Bisht

Executive Member


Sh. Devesh Kumar

Executive Member


Sh. K.K. Rao

Executive Member


Ms. Renuka  Rajgopal

Executive Member


Sh. S.K. Mandal

Executive Member


Sh. B. K. Mishra

Executive Member


Ms. Krishna Tyagi

Executive Member